We're All in This Together


Marcos Devers is honored to serve Lawrence and Methuen
as our State Representative in our State House, on Beacon Hill.

Dear friends in our beloved cities of Methuen and Lawrence,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to serve you as your State Representative. Your vote matters for all of us. I am honored to serve our beloved cities for another two years.  I will continue to represent all of us with dignity, civility and dedication for a better Lawrence and Methuen.

I want to thank you for trusting me and for giving me the opportunity to represent and serve you. Thanks to you and your vote, I can continue to help our city get more funds for public safety, health insurance, access to better education, beautiful streets and more.  Your vote has given me the power to help the many unemployed by this pandemic.

Thank you



State Representative Marcos Devers was again elected by a majority of Lawrence voters in 2020. He is now honored to represent most neighborhoods in our beloved cities of Methuen and Lawrence. Marcos is truly COMMITTED to the cites of Lawrence, Methuen, and the Merrimack Valley.

State Representative for Lawrence & Methuen, MA






Marcos helped secure millions of dollars for Lawrence, MA

During the budget process, Mr. Devers was successful in securing the following funds in benefit of constituents of the city of Lawrence:

• $2 million dollars in Legal Aid assistance to low-income Many low-income residents of Lawrence cannot afford to hire a lawyer when most needed. Currently, with the shortness of available legal representation, individuals are taking their chances to go it alone unrepresented by legal counsel. In order to help cut down on the lack of available lawyers, this amendment will help to increase funding that will allow more hiring of legal aids and Lawyers.

• $50 thousand dollars for the New England Veterans House, an organization that helps homeless and needed veterans that live in the city of Lawrence. This organization has committed to help not only the veterans of Lawrence but also give support to our understaffed Lawrence veterans’ office. With this partnership, Lawrence Veterans will have more local services and support.

• $50 thousand dollars for Food for the World, an organization that feeds the hungry poor families of Lawrence. Food for the world is one of the biggest food pantries that has aided the city with support, classes and food relief. For years this organization has been operating with very low budgets and yet were able to continue to provide meals and support for families. This year, the Food for the World will receive needed support that will allow for more help for families and additional services for our constituents.

• Quality Nursing Home Care Initiative. Given the continued concern over the virtually frozen Medicaid/MassHealth rates for nursing homes and the financial impact on the struggling nursing home industry, it is essential for management to work together with the nursing home workforce to improve care delivery. Therefore, Mr. Devers filed an amendment language in support of the $2 million and $8 thousand for Quality Nursing Home Care Initiative which is designed to support alternative nursing homes that collaborate with employees to improve the quality of care in nursing homes.


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    Across the Commonwealth, many of our residents have faced serious hardships, whether it is through the loss of income or employment, the inability to see loved ones on a daily basis, or fighting off the virus itself due to the repercussions of COVID-19 pandemic. Many looked for assistance with unemployment, housing, SNAP, food banks, and small business relief.

    We're All in This Together

    LAWRENCE & Methuen