Marcos is


Marcos is all about our communities. He serves as a member of these important committees and boards:
  • Vice Chair, Joint Committee on Transportation
  • Vice Chair, Special Joint Committee on Redistricting
  • House Committee on Operations, Facilities and Security
  • House Committee on Ways and Means
  • Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Businesses
  • Joint Committee on Ways and Means

Marcos’s decisions have always been determined by the needs and priorities of the people he proudly represents in the multi ethnic and multicultural City of Lawrence and has the experience to now also serve Methuen.

  • He has tirelessly worked to help secure the state funding to improve our education system, so the Lawrencian students can fulfill their potential.
  • Marcos has continually advocated to increase legal assistance for low-income families so they can have legal representation to address their matters effectively and timely.
  • He has collaborated with his colleagues at the State House to obtain vital grants and fundings for our local police department and fire department to provide more personnel, resources and trainings to increase our public safety.
  • Marcos has cosponsored bills to help create more job and economic opportunities for our working class population and small businesses in Lawrence and statewide.
  • He has secured and has helped secure grants to support local agencies, so they can provide public assistance to all our needed constituents in the community.
  • Marcos has made important decisions to support any possible and sound initiatives that can contribute to the solution of our housing crisis, and health care system.
  • He has supported programs to empower youth, in particular, youth at risk, to help them become more civic-minded empathetic, reflective individuals, setting them on a course to making good choices for a better society.
  • Marcos has been involved in legislative actions and events that ensure the fight to end any form of domestic violence against women in Lawrence and statewide.
  • Marcos has been a champion in advocating funding to improve our infrastructures locally and across the Commonwealth.
Marcos’ Natural Advocacy will continue for both of our cities.

Marcos is one of the most supportive advocates for the quality of education in the City of Lawrence and the Commonwealth. His story tells it all. Marcos attended Salem State College and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell to complete the academic requirements to become a certified educator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He worked as a Math and Science teacher at both Lawrence High School and the Greater Lawrence Technical High School for over fifteen years. So, as a former teacher, Marcos deeply understands the importance of education to have a better and stronger society. “Education is not only the key to secure better jobs and obtain better wages, but also the ideal tool to prepare our next generation of mindful and knowledgeable leaders to continue uplifting our neighborhoods to a higher standard of living,” he states. He is a former member of the Joint Committee on Education Legislative from 2010 to 2016, which he used as a platform to advocate for the rights of students and teachers in Massachusetts.

During the FY2020 budget amendment debates, the office of Representative Devers tirelessly advocated to help secured $6.7 billion combined for our education system: $5.2 billion for Chapter 70 aid, and $1.5 billion for the Student Opportunity Act. These funds ensure sufficient money for our school districts over the next seven years to continue improving our school system. Lawrence received $199,995,369, and $20,849,605 in Unrestricted General Government Aid, while Greater Lawrence received $26,935,700.

Marcos is always INVOLVED in important committees or boards advocating for the best interests of our cities and the Commonwealth.


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